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 CMoney ¡V Institutional Investors Investment Decision Support System

CMoney ¡V Institutional Investors Investment Decision Support System (CM) is the only available decision support system that allows flexible setting of analysis logic, customized formula and filter logic, and customized analysis rules, allowing users to measure and testify decision performance. CM, developed on the basis of the brand new technology and idea, is a package of investment decision support system specially designed for the fulfillment of institutional investors¡¦ needs. By utilizing it, you will cut down labor times by 90% or more, and be able to process any analytical jobs which simply cannot be accomplished in the past and achieve the final goal of improving investment performance.

By using CM software, you are readily entitled to the following 6 important investment decision supports.

9 categories of flexible filter functions + 66 information models, allowing quick integration of financial information reports you wish to analyze.

With a capacity up to 6GB, it includes 66 complete object-oriented financial data. It allows setting for mutual inheritance order, mixed display of data, or even customized formulas. Based on your preferences and in conjunction with 9 flexible filter models, it can quickly choose your most preferable display method when you are doing your analysis.

4 market analysis functionalities + 3 evaluation reports, allowing you to get hold of market trends and movements efficiently.

You can assign 4 analyzing perspectives, namely industry groups, sectors, concept, customized, by which you analyze market movement of overall indices and sectors. In terms of individual stock, you have access to 3 frequently used evaluation methods, namely financial report, concept ranking, bullish & bearish analysis, to evaluate relative values and relative strength of stock prices, as well as comparisons between individual stocks within same industry.

2 evaluation tools, combining data and your professional knowledge to process pros/cons assessment.

Based on your professional knowledge, also through concept rating system and bullish & bearish analysis, you can grade each individual stock one by one, as well as list them in a table according to rating and other relevant topics. A clear overview of outperformers and underperformers, as well as the relative strength, of each individual stock and/or sector group will be illustrated. ¡C

5 steps, which allows instant check of efficiency of any investment portfolio strategy and its expected profit returns.

You can easily testify the efficiency of any investment portfolio strategy you constructed through the Decision Profit Returns Wizard, with which the server will help determine the expected returns of such portfolio strategy within a designated period of time. It will also create a buying & selling analysis report of each period, including stocks bought and sold, turning ratio, relative price percentage of advances and declines, standard deviation of profit returns, and etc.

4 groupware functionalities, which fulfills the need for simultaneous operations across all research department platforms.

CM software¡¦s analyzing tools, regardless of procedures and result, are all equipped with 4 main Groupware features: data output and input, password protection, hide, and upgrade. As a result, any of your operating procedures require only one-time process by one staff, which makes it possible that all resources can be shared among all workers of the project. Configuration for authority level with password protection is also provided, allowing your work (including abovementioned 1~4 topics of decision support setting or result) to be shared with your colleagues for repetitive uses or submitting analysis conclusion requested by your directors.

Integrate knowledge management platform for information generated by research department.

CM software¡¦s knowledge management platform model offers flexible interface for research data entry by research department¡¦s personnel and allows for aggregation and display method configuration. This also allows directors at research department to constantly update and study the research results of each research personnel, which significantly enhance the timing efficiency of data retention, inquiry, or even research performance tracking.


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