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Correlation Analysis Model ¡V Benefits
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Evaluation Model ¡V Benefits
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 CMoney Institutional Investor Investment Decision Support System ¡V Guaranteed to bring you competitive advantages

CMoney Investment Decision Support System (CM) is designed to effectively assist professional investment institutions reduce analyzing hours and enhance decision results as two of the most important goals of the software. The ten items of competitive advantages guaranteed listed below are offered only by CM software in today¡¦s market. A table of benefits assessment shown below will also examine item by item the differences between common operation practices employed by professional investment research department and operation methods after CM software is used. By breaking down the comparison into single subject, actual software users and department directors will be absolutely astonished by the great advantages CM software brings.

Items for comparison

CMoney software

Other common financial database

Range of information

66 databases

No more than 20

System design positioning

Support group decision making

Provide data

Can collect and output real-time data


Can define unlimited number of filter criteria for all spreadsheet


Allow self defined formulas in a column


Provide linkages between different worksheets


Using macros to update Excel spreadsheet


Can define groupware or classification sample for multiple leveled industries


Can search and aggregate web news data and evaluate bullish and bearish news in advance


Can analyze the relative position and correlation strength between data


Can analyze trading strategies and reply with potential profit returns


Can establish self-defined evaluation models


Can compute correlation coefficient of investment portfolios and process optimization


Can process performance comparison between groupwares


Can self define priorities allowing instant stats compiling


Financial reports include both classified reports and company¡¦s initial report


No company¡¦s initial report

Provide the latest estimated gross profit information from each organization around the market


Can input self estimated information with application of all system features


Can preset reminder when data matches designated varying status


Include groupware operation platform allowing setting for authority granted and sharing


Every setting is re-applicable, storable, and allowed for input and output


Provide data output modules (for the purpose of information outputting)


Historical data for all data sheets

Free with the purchase of the software

Must purchase separately

Data pricing method

Offer all available data and features with the purchase of the software

Extra cost on each additional database

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1. CM software¡¦s market analytical functionality ¡V Benefits assessment on the advantages it brings you.

Observing market for any real-time condition changes and then provide useful interpretation is one of the important jobs faced by today¡¦s research department at professional investment companies. However, the general methodology is to interpret based on professionals¡¦ experiences after observing the graphical movement by each index or individual stock. This method not only requires high level of expertise, but gives rises to cognitive overflow of information and impossibility for interpretation. Therefore, CM software market analysis modules specifically design four categories of frequently used analytical functionality and built-in classification method, assisting you to get control of the market in split seconds. Do you want to learn more about the benefits created by CM software¡¦s market analytical functionality?
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2. CM software¡¦s flexible inquiry modules ¡V Benefits assessment on the advantages it brings you.

Research department at professional investment companies usually allocate a huge amount of human resources on assisting the process of information inquiry, comparison, and integration, and then pass it to the decision makers for reference after the integration of data reports. In most of cases, after reviewing the data reports, decision makers may issue a second direction requesting additional columns of information for reference or re-production of reports after some alternation of alternatives. Satisfactory decision results can only be reached after the data reports have gone back and forth several times, which is not only a waste of human resources but also tends to miss the optimal decision making opportunity. Hence, CM software¡¦s flexible inquiry modules, with a special design of eight major categories of frequently used filtering features plus customizable formulas, can fulfill almost any integration needs. After you become familiar with the operating environment, all procedures can usually be carried out in ten seconds. Do you want to learn more about the benefits created by CM software¡¦s flexible inquiry module?
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3. CM software¡¦s customizable worksheet feature ¡V Benefits assessment on the advantages it brings you.

The writing and making of research reports is usually a routine work for professional research personnel. Currently, the most frequently used method is for researcher to complete the table format of the fields he/she wishes to inquire, and then they will identify the information in each related field one by one and fill them into the table. Perhaps sometimes they will also create bar or line graphs based on certain data in the table. The whole process is awfully time-consuming and repetitive. CM software¡¦s customizable worksheet feature with user-friendly interface allows you to mix up and group data fields with different periods, which also automatically update itself as time goes by. It can also be configured for repetitive uses and sharing among staffs within groupware, making it possible to create tables or graphs within thirty seconds. Do you want to learn more about the benefits created by CM software¡¦s customizable worksheet feature?
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4. CM software¡¦s correlation analysis modules ¡V Benefits assessment on the advantages it brings you.

The difficulty in the making of investment decisions often reside on whether or not there is a logical correlation between the information used and stock¡¦s market price. The most frequent problem faced by research department at professional investment companies is how to judge whether or not a buying or selling strategy should be employed after observing a trend in the market movement. Suppose Hon Hai¡¦s operating income reaches a new record high. To what extent has this information impacted on its stock price? Suppose again that DDR continues to tumble two days in a row. Is this lagging information or is this a leading indicator in terms of trading in DRAM sector? If economic condition¡¦s leading indicator continues to fall in two consecutive months, should the percentage of equity holding be adjusted downward as well? CM software¡¦s correlation analysis can help you detect the meaning behind these seemingly nonsense information, as well as help explain which has the functionality of a leading indicator. Do you want to learn more about the benefits created by CM software¡¦s correlation analysis modules?
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5. CM software¡¦s intelligence agent ¡V Benefits assessment on the advantages it brings you.

Acquiring any distributed news in the trading markets in shortest time and interpreting them precisely is believed to be the work segment that researchers mostly rely on. However, the fact that there are numerous sources of information plus the dissemination of many artificial optimistic and pessimistic news may be attributable to a complicated reason all make it difficult to identify the correct information. The subject of how to accurately interpret the information released by each company almost becomes a course of art in investment research. CM software¡¦s Natural Language Processing Models not only help you instantly indicate the main points of these news as well as the pros and cons saving you a large amount of newspaper reading time, but can also help you identify the particular company whose stock price often tumbles with the release of optimistic news avoiding the manipulation by some insiders. Do you want to learn more about the benefits created by CM software¡¦s Intelligence Agent?
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6. CM software¡¦s Evaluation Model ¡V Benefits assessment on the advantages it brings you.

If you are interestes in investing in certain sector, have you ever wondered how to pick the stock with the most potential within this sector of stocks? Evaluation method tends to have completely different principles depending on the factors that each decision maker takes into account. Perhaps it is short-term technical factor, long-term fundamentals, or even perhaps it is evaluated with the mixture of many factors. Do you want to learn more about how CM software¡¦s Evaluation Model can offer you extreme flexibility and grade a list of stocks based on your needs, including self customization of factors such as fundamentals, technical, leverages, news, or is it short-to-medium term or long-term.
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7. CM software¡¦s Decision Profit Analysis Wizard ¡V Benefits assessment on the advantages it brings you.

When you rely on self professional experiences to make investment decisions, have you ever doubted that is this decision logically feasible? Is there any other way to help you analyze the effectiveness and potential rate of return? Suppose that the particular stock you are interested in exhibits a candlestick with long lower shadow in two consecutive days. Perhaps you might want to know, testified in the period of last two years, the profit returns of a macro investment portfolio with set conditions of buying the stock if it shows candlesticks with lower shadow consecutively and of selling the stock if it falls below the 3-day average. Is the return better or is it worse? This wizard can offer more scientific data for your reference when you make investment decisions. Do you want to learn about the benefits created by CM software¡¦s Decision Profit Analysis Wizard?
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8. CM software¡¦s Groupware Operation Platform ¡V Benefits assessment on the advantages it brings you.

A large part of the overall performance of team cooperation depends on good communication of the job content with each other and the preservation and inheritance of important values and experiences. For investment research institutions, this is even an indispensable segment of overall corporate process. Have you often encountered obstacles that, for examples, the work is highly repetitive but cannot be automated, intercommunication must be go back and forth several times before useful information can be acquired, crucial experiences or information can only be memorized or recorded on a piece of paper but unable to pass it down for effective uses, or share a portion of information and keep the rest password protected? These features have all been built into the overall solution plan of CM software. Do you want to learn more about the benefits created by CM software¡¦s Groupware Operation Platform?
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9. CM software¡¦s other special features ¡V Benefits assessment on the advantages it brings you.

Beside the abovementioned eight major functionalities, CM software have fulfilled every possible analysis needs derived from market survey you might think of. For examples, easy statistical compiling of chip distribution condition, resistance and support strength between intervals, custom setting for instantaneous display of the statistics of major buying and selling in large quantity of shares or in large number of orders, quick search of any accounting items on financial reports (for examples, a list of companies with reserve for loss in currency trading and the amount), any unusual increases or decreases in the holding of the board of directors, the most optimistic and most pessimistic forecast value by each organization, automatic retrieval and integration of information from each news website, and etc. Do you want to learn about how these functions can significantly save your precious times?
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10. CM software is the quickest information provider, and advantageous benefits it creates.

We are adamant on ensuring you with up-to-date and firsthand information, because we believe that the faster the information reaches your end, the better the opportunity you have to becoming a market leader. Unlike other ordinary products which often give rises to delay due to information redistribution, CM System has established on its own a research team with an ample of amount resources to help you constantly monitor all information disseminated by every listed company. Therefore, by using the information provided by CM System, you are guaranteed to receive synchronized information with the exchange, such that you are assured to acquire information such as operating profits, yearly, and quarterly financial reports after three hours the company announces these news. Publicly distributed data by securities firms such as estimated profits and self audited financial reports by each company will be collected and updated on the day they are posted on newspaper. Detailed trading activities of QFII can be collected before you get off from work at 6:00pm. In addition, you will receive any economic data promulgated by the government one hour after (usually 4 or 5 in the afternoon). The abovementioned examples all but represent our commitment in being the quickest information provider.

Overall benefits assessment on Information providing speed, completeness, price, functions, after sale services, and money back guarantees.

Beside the abovementioned nine superior software benefits, employing CM software as your main support tools for investment decisions requires taking many other elements into account, for instances, data completeness, speed, price, after sale services, and etc. Do you want to learn more about the benefits created by employing CM software as the overall solution plan for your company¡¦s investment decision support?
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