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 CMoney Institutional Investors Investment Decision Support System ¡V Innovative Principle & Technology

Since February of 2000, CM software¡¦s core development team spent six months in conducting a thorough survey on market demand and later spent roughly the same length of time on the feasibility testing of the innovative technology. With strong devotion and passion to optimize investment decision, the team spent nearly 3 years in total in developing a system whose calculation speed is ten times faster than common products. Built upon a structure of super flexible model-orientation, object grouping, and groupware platform, this system is more than enough to fulfill the four major needs, namely accuracy, stability, promptness, and efficiency, of most of the investment research organizations.

Why is that CM system with superior functional standard and super flexible model orientation can save you more than 90% of operation time? Information mentioned below is the details of object-oriented information structural engine with a characteristic of inheritance developed exclusively by the CM team, as well as the innovative technology employed by CM software, which also represents our finest in an effort in every possible way to assist you enhance investment performance.


1. The only investment decision support system (DSS) that is designed as an overall solution plan.

DSS products available in the current market are all designed to solve only a portion of analysis problem, such as technology analysis program, chip distribution data, all sorts of financial report data, news, international equity market system, and etc. The abovementioned data all require manual integration in order for analysis to run efficiently. As you can see, the preparation work is not only difficult and labor demanding, but also requires a huge amount of time. On the other hand, CM software, designed for overall solution, will offer you an integration interface, which will not only provide data information, but most importantly, all of the information you see can be accessed through a single and convenient interface to help you analyze. This design will certainly help you save a large amount of labor work and precious time, and enable you to seize investment opportunities instantaneously.

2. Object-oriented analysis engine

Requirement of actual analysis involves huge amount of cross-calculation and comparison between data for later presentation, and ordinary system often lacks this capability. In order to accomplish the abovementioned requirement, CM exclusively develops an object-oriented analysis engine with a characteristic of inheritance enabling you to easily categorize filters level by level. If you configure the customized formula at the lowest level, up to the highest level including advances & declines evaluation will all be able to inherit them and make use of the function, which makes it possible that function can extend indefinitely with the flexible combination ability, so as to complete your requests. As a consequence, this very design makes storage space requirement much bigger, in addition to the multi-level calculation structure. This is why our data size is about six times larger than that of normal non analytical program.

3. Developed using multiple thread structure

Even with today¡¦s advanced computer hardware, especially that most of CPU¡¦s performance already surpasses ordinary user¡¦s demand, have you nonetheless noticed that the actual operation of today¡¦s computer is not any faster than that of five years ago? This occurrence is attributable to the fact that most of today¡¦s programs are written with a single thread structure. Therefore, whenever it encounters operation bottleneck such as retrieving data from hard-disk, the program will delay and drag down the processing speed making CPU rests idly. In order to solve this problem, the CM team develops a system using a multiple thread structure. A small portion of a complicated calculation process can be broken down into three smaller segments to be processed simultaneously. As such, the performance of CPU can be utilized more efficiently. Of course, this function requires precise problem solving capability in order to coordinate each multiple thread partition for them to act accurately and efficiently. In other words, it can be noticed that research cost and difficulty in the development phase increase notably. However, it is also gratifying to see that the development outcome has granted users with immeasurable benefits in time saving.

4. Built-in compiler function.

In order to offer CM software¡¦s users the utmost analysis flexibility, CM has built in a completely functioning program compiler with a user-friendly interface. You can define numerous variables, the sources of these variables, and the completely flexible customized formulas. After CM¡¦s compiler has finished compiling these variables, these pre-defined data will be treated just as other already built-in functions and used in any sort of analysis. CM software is the only program available in the current market with this built-in function.

5. Intelligent agent with natural language processing capability

Accompanied with the emergence of Internet, problem faced by today¡¦s decision makers is not the lack of useful data but the cognitive overflow of redundant information. The CM development team makes use of the prevalent artificial intelligence theory of recent days to create Intelligent Agent and Natural Language Processing Model, which can effectively interpret the hidden meaning inside any non-numeric data and eventually quantify the data into usable information for analysis and reference. For example, ¡§Grade System for Significance of News¡¨, still applying for patent rights exclusively by the CM System, can analyze influences from news and transform them into reasonable and useful numeric data for reference in investment decisions. In other words, once the Intelligent Agent has been activated, you can always receive understandable numerical data regarding current news even without flipping through newspapers.

6. Built-in system to support macro data processing

One of the important features of CM software is macro data processing. It is important since that there is an inconsistency in data retrieving time, as this is one of the characteristics in financial data analysis. For instances, suppose you open a so-called ¡§Monthly Balance Summary¡¨ file consisted of the total of single-quarter EPS of last four quarters. This type of macro information will constantly update itself according to the latest announcements of that particular stock in the last four quarters. Suppose again that today¡¦s date is 2003/02/26 and ASUSTek Computer Inc. has not yet disseminated its quarterly report of last year, then the EPS of last four quarters you receive for the period from 2002/10 to 2003/02 would equal to the total of the EPS of the first three quarters of last year plus the fourth quarter of the year before last year. Suppose then again that ASUSTek Computer Inc. disseminates its fourth quarter EPS of last year on 2003/02/27, then when you re-open the file again, you will see that, after 2003/01, the data for last four quarters has been updated with the total of the EPS of first to fourth quarter of last year. Likewise, you can pre-define the processing method for any macro data such this, which will be presented after real-time macro processing. This special designation will always ensure you the most accurate usage of data information that can be macro processed, without having to verify manually whether the latest news has been updated in each file. This will significantly cut down your operation time.

7. Highly efficient Groupware operation which allows parallel expansion.

CM software¡¦s highly efficient application software structure, beside utilizing the ¡§Hyper Threading¡¨ technology to fully exploit the characteristic of multiple thread, whose multi-task design supporting parallel expansion can also assist you process burdensome analytical work more quickly and accurately. For instances, if there is an increasing usage demand by more personnel in your company, simply adjust the setting for groupware operation model to satisfy the need. In other words, all work contents can be shared any time among all workers that you want to share with through CM Groupware function. If you ever have the operating experiences of Lotus Notes Domino, you will be even more surprised by the simplicity and practicability of CM Groupware function.

8. Support the application and management of self input data

Investment and research departments at professional investment institutional often input data such as estimated operating income and gross profits on their own. The combining of this data with financial information such as stock prices and capitals is usually the most unmanageable and cumbersome segment of all works. CM software provides you the convenience of incorporating this type of data into system, which then allows simultaneous calculation and management with other data. As a result, this function will get rid of the inconvenience of which data can only be saved in personal files as an Excel file, as well as help directors at research department manage and track the productivity information and performance evaluation of each research personnel.

9. Swiftest data searching speed

We are adamant on ensuring you with up-to-date and firsthand information, because we believe that the faster the information reaches your end, the better the opportunity you have to becoming a market leader. Unlike other ordinary products which often give rises to delay due to information redistribution, CM System has established on its own a research team with an ample of amount resources to help you constantly monitor all information disseminated by every listed company. Therefore, by using the information provided by CM System, you are guaranteed to receive synchronized information with the exchange, such that you are assured to acquire information such as operating profits, yearly, and quarterly financial reports after three hours the company announces these news. Publicly distributed data by securities firms such as estimated profits and self audited financial reports by each company will be collected and updated on the day they are posted on newspaper. Detailed trading activities of QFII can be collected before you get off from work at 6:00pm. In addition, you will receive any economic data promulgated by the government one hour after (usually 4 or 5 in the afternoon). The abovementioned examples all but represent our commitment in being the quickest information provider.

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