Corporate Mission

Corporate Vision
Organizational Objectives
Basis & Goals
 CM Software¡¦s Engineer ¡V Chuan Yao Financial Information Co., Ltd.

Our corporate mission

  • Assist valuable firms earn respectable reputation they deserve & assist investors with foresight earn profit returns they deserve.
Our corporate visions
  • Research and develop scientific financial data analysis tools for professional investment institutions. Assist in enhancing performance of investment research and operation.
  • Create product differentiation and product advantages on the basis of new ideas and technologies so as to continuously provide clients with added values that they can operate indefinitely.
  • Become the benchmark company for investment decision support sector.
Our management ideals

  • To fulfill all customers¡¦ demands with innovative research and development.
  • To compensate all shareholders with high profits with innovative sales and marketing techniques.
  • To act in all employees¡¦ interest with innovative accomplishment.


Our goal is to assist you accomplish your dreams:¡G

CM¡¦s research and management team has long established a profound foundation of knowledge in the field of data mining. Our core technology consists of processing huge amount of data information into high-speed calculation and then presenting them as suitable and useful analysis reports. We recognize the fact that there is almost no breakthrough improvement in decision analysis tools employed by domestic investment institutions in the last decade. Even worse, the same issue can be observed around the world. Hence, the core of our management team¡¦s vision is, by utilizing the most advanced software engineering technology, to develop a practical and efficient analysis system that suits clients¡¦ demands so as to assist domestic and foreign institutional investors execute thorough market analyses and enhance market operation performance.

We have reasons to believe that the introduction of CM software will revolutionize whole aspects in the world of actual investment analysis. Things you possibly cannot imagine in the past will now be carried out in seconds. We also believe that the product developed by this new innovative technology will bring you significant benefits in terms of time saved. We also hope that with the help from CM software, you will create more profits for your company in both shareholders¡¦ and investors¡¦ interests and stand out from the competitive market and continue to lead the elites.

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(Due to product positioning consideration, product demonstration of CM software will be presented only to domestic and foreign professional investment institutions at this stage of time. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.)